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Call it being practical or minimalist, but the outfit you wear on your wedding day (or maybe your sibling’s wedding day) isn’t something you repeat for all weddings. First of all that outfit is a heavy outfit! Wearing it in someone else’s wedding will only make you look silly as if you plan to elope right after their nuptials and get married yourself. Secondly, the pictures of that outfit are all over Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and what not! Even people who weren’t invited to that party have seen the outfit and it makes zero sense to wear it again! Looking to sell your bridal outfit? We can help you! It will be simple, fun, and the best part is someone else will love the lehengas as much as you did.
We all know that heavy wedding lehengas, or anarkalis take up ample space in the closet. One good thing about Indian families is the large size that they are. But that also means that you can’t repeat clothes because everyone has seen you wear those sarees, and anarkalis in some wedding or the other. A simple way to ensure that you have a new outfit for every function is to buy one for every function! But that also means draining away your bank account.
With EthnicThread you need not feel guilty about buying a new salwar kameez or sari for every new occasion. Sister’s wedding? Check! Brother’s wedding? We got you covered! All you need to do is click good quality pictures of the clothes you wish to sell. Whether it’s your own wedding lehenga, or your husband’s sherwani; or a sari or anarkali you wore in your best friend’s sangeet – or a kurti you bought for Eid – it can all be listed on EthnicThread. Just click clean, nice photos and upload them and start selling your collection. People all around the world can follow your style and you can connect with them directly. Yes, that’s right. No fees for us. We won’t charge you anything at all – it’s completely free.
Where else can you find such an easy platform, that let’s you connect with so many fashionistas around the world. You can easily sell your bridal clothes, your trousseau outfits, and lots more just by downloading EthnicThread.

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