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We spoke to a number of people who have made some really successful sales on the app. And we asked them the biggest question on our minds, “As a user, what makes a successful sale?” And here we have compiled a list of do’s and dont’s for you guys. Keep these in mind while posting an item and see the queries go up!

1. Price your items well. If you are selling gently used items, buyers expect them to be available at a much better deal than original price. Use your judgement to price your items at a price you will be willing to buy them from someone.
2. Post good pictures. The pictures need not be professionally taken, but use good lighting, display them attractively and add multiple pictures to show different angles of the same product.
3. Refresh your posts regularly. Do you know how to refresh? Just edit any part of existing posts and it will automatically get renewed to the top of the feed.
4. Follow other members so they follow you back.
5. Engage with other members. : Like/comment/message them, say something nice. Network. Build connections.
6. Invite your friends and family to join the app using your exclusive invite code. Engage with them so they can share your posts. It’s also more fun with friends.

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