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EthnicThread is the ultimate solution for fashion needs of a modern woman.

A woman who takes good care of herself, presents herself well, keeps her thumb on the pulse of global fashion trends and of course, wishes to have an ever-expanding closet!

But there's more to her.

She is talented and responsible.

She wants to shop, but also watches her wallet.

She takes time and effort to find that perfect evening dress, but knowing that she is only going to wear it once or twice, she rather lets someone else give it another life keeping her own closet tidy and ready for the next addition.

She is aware of the environmental implications of clothing waste and wants to do her part in curbing it.

She wants achieve a perfect balance between fashionable and guilt-free. She is a #ResponsibleFashionista and that's why she chooses EthnicThread.

The idea of EthnicThread was conceived by such a woman and now is looked after by a team of such women. We know and understand what a modern woman needs!

At a first look, EthnicThread is a mobile app platform to sell, rent, exchange Ethnic outfits and accessories, closet to closet.

Come a little closer and you'll discover that we are not just a marketplace, but a trusted community of talented women worldwide. The community consists of fashionistas, designers, bloggers, artists, fashion advisers, beauty gurus, henna experts, image consultants, custom tailors and beyond. We buy, we sell, we rent, we swap. But most importantly we connect to share our love for fashion and appreciation of talent.

Our Vision is to build the world's largest ethnic fashion social network : A strong trusted global community to bring the pool of talent and love for ethnic fashion on a single technology platform.

our team

Sailee Raje

Sailee Raje


Sailee Raje was born in Mumbai and raised in Pune. Following in the footsteps of science majors with exceptional grades, Sailee arrived in USA to study Computer Engineering. She worked first as an engineer and then as a manager in the Silicon Valley semiconductor industry. The entrepreneurial spirit inside her led her to finally say goodbye to her corporate career in pursuit of her passion – fashion!

Sailee wanted to create an easy and guilt-free way to keep her closet simple and organized, without compromising the shopaholic in her. Her needs were not unique, they were shared by all fashionable and trendy women that love to shop, and have an ever overflowing closet. EthnicThread was born to solve this closet challenge.

As the app started taking shape, her research and surveys led to the discovery of tremendous hidden talent in the community - homemakers, students and hobbyists creating amazing ethnic fashionables, and willing to help the community by offering fashion & beauty talent in their spare time. They mostly relied on word of mouth to get work and Sailee realized that she had to make EthnicThread a trusted community platform for fashion and talent exchange.

Sailee loves to share her knowledge with the world. She has appeared as a speaker/panelist in startup events featuring female founders, Fash-tech entrepreneurs and international women all over the Silicon Valley.

Sailee's most treasured assets are her two sweet toddlers that teach her about life each and every day. She also loves volunteering for social causes, especially the ones associated with kids. She is a CASA child advocate for foster kids in USA and volunteers for various orphanages in India. When not EthnicThread-ing or volunteering, you will find her travelling, singing, crafting, and experimenting in her vegan kitchen.




After 5 long years in the IT industry as a Business Analyst, Ashwini decided to quit it all for an opportunity to work with her friend and founder Sailee at EthnicThread.

She is talkative, hyperactive and if this wasn’t enough, a big romantic! A huge believer in retail therapy, Ashwini keeps the mall sales going high, and loves to go out for romantic getaways with her loved one! Another thing she loves? A good book and some tea. She loves to travel, and experience different cultures. The analyst in her isn’t dead yet though. Here she is, analyzing the ethnic needs and styles of fashionistas across the world.




A self confessed shopaholic, writer, dreamer and fashionista. She loves to sing (in the bathroom), dance in the rains and write (like no one’s reading). When she is not being criminally early and punctual she is baking and floating though the clouds. Addicted to tea and books as well, and both these can make you friends with her. She has worked as a writer and editor for several brands, and has had a long job with an airline! Here she is now, channeling her inner fashionista to provide you with front row, red carpet VIP seats for EthnicThread.




Maitreyee is lovingly known as M in the ET Headquarters. This youngest member of the EthnicThread team breaks myths along with hearts. She is a pharmacist turned photographer who follows the smiles and whims of her camera. Has also been a wedding planner! Her boundless energy, awesome tech know-how and love for social media keep her on her toes at EthnicThread.

Warning: (Not so) Mildly obsessed with Priyanka Chopra