We are a fashion startup headquartered in San Francisco that is targeted towards south asian community. We are looking to collaborate with fashion colleges in India to provide many benefits to the students to earn while they learn showcasing their talent.

In gist we are a mobile app platform to sell, rent or exchange personally owned or personally designed Fashion. We want to bring this platform to fashion college students to give them exciting opportunities to display their talent, get recognition worldwide and even earn while they learn. We are currently offering 2 initiatives.

Earn while you Learn: Fashion students are constantly designing great outfits, accessories and other items as part of their college curriculum. Obviously there's a cost associated with the materials required to create anything. We are offering a FREE platform for students to list the products they design during their college years for sale. Once they product gets sold, they keep the entire proceeds from the sales. We do not charge for this service or take any commission. Students will benefit a great deal from this platform.

We are offering a free global platform to fashion design student to sell what they design during college years and beyond.This is a free service with no fees, no commission, so students will keep entire proceeds from the sales.

About EthnicThread:

EthnicThread is a startup that is quickly integrating ethnic fashion,talent and technology into the world fashion scene. It is a mobile application to sell,rent or exchange personally designed or owned Ethnic fashion. EthnicThread has a worldwide community that aims to connect talent to opportunities across India, USA, UK, Canada and beyond.