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Every girl has one problem in her life; too many clothes in the closet, but nothing to wear! And in reality, in that packed closet lie many clothes which we know we won’t wear again mostly because everyone’s seen those clothes too many times, and the photos are everywhere! Each and every one of us is facing this issue. And the solution? What do we do with these clothes?
Back in the day, cousins, siblings and friends would share clothes. Remember the time you wanted to wear sari for your college function, and you borrowed from an older cousin? Or your sister gave you some kurtis and jeans that she didn’t require. It made space in her closet too.That definitely ensured guilt free shopping, and similarly in the present day, to have some extra cash for guilt free shopping, we have EthnicThread.
EthnicThread was born when our founder wanted space in her closet, but didn’t want to give or pack away her beautiful clothes. Add to that, she is a mom with two gorgeous girls. Kids grow out of their clothes too soon. And thus EthnicThread was created. She knew she wanted to put those salwar kameez and sarees to good use. Only if she could find them a home, where they would be just as loved as they were with her!
Using EthnicThread you can sell your preloved clothes. And buy clothes which are ‘new to you.’ Renting outfits is also so easy. All your outfits – sarees, kurtis, anarkalis, lehengas, and even designer western wear will now get a new lease of life with EthnicThread. You just need to upload good pictures on the app. And share them with users across the globe. Your used clothes will be sold in no time!
How about selling the lehenga you wore to your best friend’s sangeet? Or maybe those brocade sarees hanging in your closet? Selling pre loved ethnic clothes is a great way to make space for fashion you need right now. You can also sell your kids clothes that they might have outgrown, or pretty hand crafted home decor. All those expensive, beautiful outfits will now get a new home. Sell your outfits on EthnicThread right now!
Have a desi party to attend? Stun everyone with your desi outfit, which is ‘new to you.’ Buy it off EthnicThread. The main benefit of doing this is not just being a #ResponsibleFashionista but also that when you buy something from the app, you see it being worn by someone like you. That’s not a model on the app. We believe in #RealPeopleRealModels so you will see something that fits your size, your style!
Sell your old Indian clothes online now. List your beautiful Indian clothes on the app to simply start selling! Build a community of fashionistas that follow and love you and your style. Download the app now.

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