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Your personal style & talent.
A Global Ethnic Fashion and Talent Share Network

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welcome to Ethnic Thread

About-Ethnic Thread

Ethnic Thread

Ethnic Thread is a FREE fun fashion Mobile App which connects and enables all like minded fashion & beauty enthusiasts from all across the globe to sell, rent or exchange Ethnic outfits from their closet with anyone anywhere!

Besides that you can showcase your fashion and beauty talent and get discovered on a global platform or simply connect with awesome women around the world to share your gorgeous style!!

Ethnic App

As simple as that! Give new life to clothes & handbags you have always loved. Inspire others with your sense of style.

Ethnic App

Earn money from those who love your style. Then go guilt free shopping for that next new dress.

Ethnic Beauticians

What do you offer? List it! Makeup & Hair, Skin Care, Fitness & Dance Sign-Up Here

Ethnic Fashion

Having difficulty keeping up with style trends? Follow fashionistas around you and their fashion finds.


“ This app actually does everything it says and does it well, with style. ”

-Shalmali Mahajan, USA

“ This makes it easy to share trends with my followers.”

-Image Consultant, Tanvi Banerjee, Mumbai

“ It’s official – I love this app. It's my style companion.”

-Kavita Menezes, USA

“ So easy! Love taking selfies. Now I can sell my like-new clothes and go Shop. Shop. Shop!”

-Vanya, Mumbai

“ A good app This is a good app for resale of clothes. Actually clothes and accessories both work well.”

-Krshma Mehra

“ Absolutely loved it! Never repeat an outfit at functions and events with this great app! ”

-Maitri Thakkar

“ Awesome Beautiful app designed for selling. Best bet for freelance sellers. ”

- Priti Nair

“ Nice App. A variety of Ethnic outfits. Can discover different talents. ”

- Mrunal Karampuri

“ This is not one of those apps where you just buy items and that's it. You can do so much more, like showcasing your own unique talent such as doing henna etc.”

- Sara Toromani

“ Love this app! Not only is it easy to navigate but it allows you to both buy, sell and exchange items. ”

- Aysha Q

“ Wow I really like this app. It's latest and beautiful design. ”

- Jyoti gupta

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