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Yeah, Promise Day…..I didn’t know about it until a couple of years ago, but as far as celebrating days go, we are into it BIG time. At ET HQ, we love to celebrate all such days! So what do you promise yourself this #PromiseDay?

I know it’s a Promise Day meant for your special friends, or better halves, but going by the notion of let’s love ourselves first, let’s promise something to our selves.

The first thing: Better Health. Ladies, we women are beautiful and strong, but that is a deadly combo. far too often, we take on some extra extra work, need to finish one more chore. one more assignment, one more blah! Let’s Promise ourselves the gift of time to our own selves and to our loved ones. Take a step back, relax, and don’t ignore yourself. Go to a doctor for any health issues, stop self-medicating, and destress yourself.

Second: The Gift of Thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness is always in fashion. Be thoughtful in all your dealings. For #ThoughtfulFashion there’s always #EthnicThread. use the app, sell your pre loved clothes, or buy from EthnicThread and be thoughtful. If you have any talents, register them on EthnicThread. Be thoughtful and responsible,

Third: Organize! Let’s promise ourselves organised lives, organised work, organised spaces. Organise using the EthnicThread closet cleaning cheat sheet and fulfil all promises this year.

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