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Indian weddings are known for their craziness, food, and colour! If you have been invited to an Indian wedding expect large doses of food, booze, and dancing and a general noise level that could be termed as a melee! Once the excitement of being invitedĀ to an Indian wedding dies down, you will probably be faced with the exasperating question of what to wear!

But have no fear: EthnicThread is here. As usual its #EthnicThreadtotherescue

Here, I have come up with a whole series of what to wear for each function that’s included in an Indian wedding. I shall talk about what to wear to a haldi, mehendi, sangeet, wedding and reception. So keep your eyes open for those posts too.

But before we go on to those posts, here is a basic overview of what to wear:

1. Indians are semi conservative. That means no crazy necklines, nothing very revealing especially for the wedding ceremony as it’s quite religious.

2. Avoid black and white. These two colours symbolise death, so they are considered inauspicious for weddings – unless specifically mentioned on the invite (black and white themed party etc.)

3. You can always get some help to drape a saree. ALWAYS. And you can search on the EthnicThread app as well.

4. And lastly, don’t worry so much about what to wear because everyone will be pretty caught up dancing, and making merry.

For more ideas on what to wear, check out the EthnicThread app.

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