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Hey Threaders,
Wassup! Now that Mother’s Day is staring right down our faces, it’s time to get down to serious thinking about what to give our lovely moms. Do you have something that can be given to another mom? Just like we are #ResponsibleFashionistas, our moms are #ResponsibleFashionistaMoms, so they would love to have a gift from the EthnicThread app.

Here are our editor picks for the most amazing woman in your life. All products are currently available on the app, but looking at them, we can’t really guarantee how long will they be available!


A Designer bag, just for your mom


Some pretty bangles to make her day more ethnic.


Some lovely home decor that will always remind her of you.


A gorgeous saree (we have many more on the app, it was tough to choose one and put here) that she can wear for the next festival.


Some pretty earrings to compliment the immense collection of ethnic wear she no doubt owns.

And tons more…’s all available on the app, you just need to put your feet up, and browse through to find something your mom would love. And well, if you have some stuff that you think will make a great gift for another mom, just click and post! Others would love to see what you have to share.
And if you feel like gifting your mom a lovely spa day, or a beautiful henna tattoo, just browse the Talent section of the app. You will find so many different things there, you could gift your mum a mini makeover!
Happy listing and shopping girls!

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