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There’s something about summer that spells simple cotton tops paired with lovely ethnic jewellery. I love this cute jewellery because it can totally shimmy up an outfit and make you feel like a million bucks (while sweating out a bucket) so you don’t feel like the frumpy grumpy person in a simple top.


Today’s Want it Wednesdays is all about such jewellery, stuff that you can pair with plain tee shirts or kurtis or even sarees taking their style quotient up a notch.
See those gorgeous pearls out there? You can dress up a simple black/white / pastel dress in them. Or you could try and pair it with a gorgeous chikankari Kurta and look ethereal.
And what is it about turquoise stones? The aquamarine colour suits just about everything! And I think, the cool sea hue just makes you feel chilled out (like you’re at a beach kind) throughout summer.
And are you drooling over those bracelets? They are uploaded on the EthnicThread app by our super talented jewellery designer Tanmayi. She has a host of more designs (in fact three necklaces in this picture collage) so you can safely say that her collection is totally da bomb!
I know I might sound like I am 13 with ‘da bomb’ but do check out her collection on the app. Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend would probably redefine that quote!
And with that lovely jewellery staring right back at you. It’s adios amigas. Keep posting all your lovely clothes and accessories on the app!

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