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Hey all you lovely people!

Happy Wednesday. As promised, here is a handy guide for gifting your sisters this rakhi. Watch and Learn!

1) Perfume

Standard fare for most brothers, perfumes are something that all girls love. Well, girls love many things, but a lovely looking bottle, with a divine fragrance will surely be appreciated.

2) Clothes

Unless you know that your sister hates your choice of clothes, they make awesome gifts. Get her some gorgeous ethnic wear so she can post it on the app too, and she’ll surely be happy!

3) A Spa Day

I seriously hope that my brothers are reading this, and get inspired by this idea. Soothing music, great green tea, a heavenly massage and a day of pampering – do we need to explain anymore? You sister will love you ten times more for this gift.

4) Electronics

Contrary to the popular myth that girls and electronics don’t go together, we girls love our electronics as much as boys! Sure, we might put a glittery cover or a hello kitty dangler, but gadgets are our best friends too.

5) Jewelry

While we are on the subject of best friends, how can we forget jewelry? This is something your sister will cherish, always and forever.


Again, a staple for every woman (and most of us own many of these staples!) a watch is a very beloved accessory. get a simple, elegant one, that screams class and style so that your sister wears this for years to come.

7) DIY Stuff

And my personal favorite. There’s nothing that says ‘real love’ as the effort you put into the making of a gift. Make a cute mug or a picture collage. These days, many siblings are reposing in their favorite childhood poses – something that’s not only fun, but also a great way to make the parents feel special.

8) Bags/Purses

Like you might remember the Bagwati of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, we girls hanker after bags and purses. Get a nice, useful handbag or purse for your sister, and watch her eyes light up.

9) Scarf

Silk scarves will be a hit amongst your sisters, especially if they are working. They help us uplift boring outfits, and just feel very very plush to use. A silk scarf will surely be a great gift for a sister.

10) A Statement Piece

Gift your sister a statement piece of jewelry, not the just the same old stuff. Gift her a cuff or a ring which she can then flaunt at the next do.

11) Scrap book

Try and retrieve all your childhood photographs and stick those in a book with small stories that you might remember. Your rakhi evening will decidedly turn into a evening reminiscing about bachpan de din.

12) Collage / Photobook

Sticking photos not up our alley? There are a number of online printing facilities that you can use to create a collage or a photobook for your sister dear.

13) Stationery

Girls love stationery. We love those pens that light up while writing, and those glittery pens that shine on paper (yes we are still 13), and even those cute notebooks, cut into odd shapes. We don’t know what to write in them maybe, but we sure love them. So gift your sister some great notebooks, and organizers and pens and pencils and you’ll be on your way to collect the ‘Brother of the Year’ award.

14) A Trip

Want to be in your sister’s good books forever? Gift her a trip. Better still, make it a girls trip she can take and enjoy with her friends. Your sister will never forget this one.

15) Household stuff

For the sister who cooks, bakes and feeds your crazy appetite, gift her a lovely set of bakeware or cookware. Or some silverware which she can display and show off her brothers’ great gifting skills. We won’t tell that we suggested it, promise.

These are a just a few gift ideas. Apart from these, there’s the regular ones – chocolates, sweets, and the oldest one – cash!

What do you plan to gift this season?

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