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This gorgeous, sumptuous weather (at least in Mumbai) has totally put me in a vintage romance kind of mood. Think china tea cups, gorgeous hair, and pearls. Which brings me to my current Want it Wednesdays – the pearl edition.

Pearls are so versatile, they can glam-up an outfit, lend you a simple elegance and the best part – you can pair them with Indian or western clothes. Timeless and graceful – pears have been sported by Mughal Maharanis to the First Ladies to actresses alike!

So without further ado….here’s my pearl fancy


Look at those uber beautiful pearls. The bride in the picture looks so elegant wearing this milky beige and pearl n emerald jewellery. I can guarantee you that when she sees this picture after 25 years, she won’t ever say “what was I thinking!!!” Which happens quite a bit with brides, when they go the ‘This-is-in-let-me-wear-this’ way.

The two pretty bracelets. One is a bracelet and one is a kada but both just look so gorgeous I almost want to jump into the photo and grab them.

These gorgeous pearl drop earrings. How delicate is that filigree flower, the perfect sized pearl and the whole thing just together looks dressy enough to glam up a whole outfit.

And those Manolo Blahniks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could literally kill for them! Well honestly speaking, I would be killed by my family for spending a fortune on them though! But how amazing are these shoes? Probably so gorgeous, that I would lock them up and keep a guard to watch over them…..

Want it Wednesdays are just giving me shopping cravings…….

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