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Want it Wednesdays is back! After a long hiatus, and many questions later, here we are…back with the gorgeous items we are drooling after…

Suddenly, I am in this big DIY mood. I was browsing around the other day, and I saw this beautiful tray uploaded by our Threadder. She actually hand makes these. They look great for giving small gifts. Sometimes, I am so lazy to gift wrap that I prefer to have such creative stuff like trays and decorative bags on hand, so that I can just pop the gift into it, and it creates such a classy feel, that no one really minds and unwrapped gift.

And the other thing I am totally lusting after are these amazing sarees, with contrast blouses. Gone are the days, when we used to see those ‘blouse piece shops’ which matched the saree to the blouse piece to the T and then tailored them. Look at these stunning blouses, they definitely notch up the saree hotness quotient. Get inspired, and think absolutely out of the box for this – have a black saree? Pair with a bright pink blouse. A white saree? Red or green works great! Yellow saree? Again fuscia / maroon are the colours you’re looking at.

I am totally in love! Like the heart in my eyes emoji! What are your favourites?

Disclaimer: All these pictures are taken from the internet/our lovely EthnicThreadders uploads.

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