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Remember when you were kids and your cousins from abroad came to see you? They came seasonally – mostly during November or December and basically spoilt your Christmas vacations. these kids always got the best of gifts – even from those aunts who were famous for lousy gifts. Your grandma and mum spoilt them to the hilt and your dad always bought them ice cream! But you always knew they were seasonal, and the spotlight would be back on you once they waved bye from the airport.

There’s been a similar case with ethnic fashion recently. Giving tough competition to the choli/blouse is its NRI cousin – the crop top!

Most recently, the crop top was endorsed by none other than Mira – the current media darling and Shahid Kapoor’s wife. Ever since she sported this

at their reception, we at ET have been flooded with requests to feature crop top lehengas on our blog.

Ok, so let’s start at the beginning. What’s the basic difference between a blouse and a crop top? The answer is simple: the length. A blouse is essentially the sexier one. it’s shorter, the crop top is longer and less fitted. Its not loose precisely, but its not as skin fitting as a blouse should be. It’s a structured straight loose fit – if that makes sense to you!

But now that we have seen the NRI cousin, are we interested? Yes, a bit. We all know this is a passing affaire. Crop tops are in, and they cover a bit more. Some girls who are uncomfortable with all the skin show that a blouse necessitates, might feel nicer with a crop top because it’s longer and you only have a slight strip of skin showing. Personally, I like the idea of a crop top where in only a small strip of skin shows only when I move my hands and arms around.

So let’s dive into the world of crop tops and see a few that look like you Threadders can wear.

That had to be no 1! Mira Rajput definitely has style and how! We loved all her choices and this was probably the first time that everyone waited with bated breath to see this non bollywood bride’s choices.

A simple elegant look that you can carry off for a function – we’re especially loving the chevron embroidery on the skirt.

The lovely look by I-Wish-I-Had-Her-Slim-Genes Shilpa Shetty. (Green with envy moment) Look how her top is structured but also shows a little more skin, just because she is slim enough to show it. Hmmph the things people do for attention I tell ya!

This is such a pretty look and we love that matchy embroidery on the skirt. Just ultra feminine and cute.

Edgy, rock chic but Indian is what this look screams. This lehenga is for those times you don’t want to dress up, but would love to impress.

The gorgeous place where east meets west. We love the sheer skirt and the chunky neck piece. It’s a great ensemble for a dinner party where you want to make heads turn.

These are a few of our Want it Wedensday Crop top lehengas. What are yours? Check the app for  designers who will make these for you.


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