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Hey Girlies,

Have you started making plans for Valentine’s yet? We love making plans for Valentine’s and then swapping our ideas and plans here at ET HQ. The other day we were wondering what to gift the men in our life, when it struck to make this post. So girls, what is it that men want!

1. Electronics: The hands down winner here is electronics. Get him the latest model of a phone, tablet, camera or anything else. But that’s quite common and the worst part is that within the next few months, these are upgraded making them just sentimental keepsakes after a while.

2. Accessories: Get some beautiful watch boxes or buy something hand made from the app. There are these great crocheted mug covers or photo frames that you can gift.

3. Clothes: Ho hum, the usual – gifting clothes is sometimes quite annoying. And you know our main grouse – we need to organize those clothes as well!

4. Something handmade: DIY gifts to suit you both. Make some chocolates if your partner likes them or making chocolate bouquets is another brilliant idea. Another good idea is to make a jar filled with date night ideas as a easy DIY gift.

5. Win him over: buy tickets to the latest games, whichever he likes, or get him a monthly/annual pass at his favorite gym. The tickets is a brilliant idea and men just love it.

6. YOU: Buy tons of stuff off EthnicThread and tell your guy that it’s all just for him. Wouldn’t he like to see you beautiful and gorgeous, while being a Responsible Fashionista?

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