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Countless songs and quotes have been dedicated to the humble dupatta / stole that we Indian women use every single day. If you’re anything like me (the quintessential Indian woman) you will throw away a salwar kameez but hang onto the ‘oh-so-pretty’ dupatta. We Indians are hoarders by nature I guess. I have yet to understand why my mum has a bag full of dupattas lying in a shelf. Or why my mum in law keeps all the embroidered dupattas, carefully wrapped in muslin. But I have definitely imbibed these traits and now find myself keeping the dupatta of a salwar kameez, very carefully long after I give away those.

After seeing (a quite large) collection of these around the house, I decided to start using them. So here’s a dupatta hack – use your old (or new) dupattas for: 


1) As a Dupatta

Du-uh, I know but with a different suit. Don’t go matchy-matchy; pair a solid coloured dupatta with a lighter or a plain white salwar kameez. It just looks cool to mix n match – like ‘oh! I am such a Fashionista.’

2) As a Top/ Kurta

Go to a local tailor, and get a simple top made. You can then pair this cool ethnic top with jeans or leggings and attend those poojas and garbas without wearing clothes that weigh minimum of 3 kg!

3) Make a Jacket

Dupattas make stunning jackets. There are times when I have made a jacket of the dupatta so that I  wouldn’t have to bother about wearing the dupatta with the salwar kameez. You can pair the classy ethnic jacket with a simple white shirt or kurti and grab some eyeballs.

4) As Curtains

I am such a desi Martha Stewart I tell ya! Dupattas make stunning curtains, promise. You can hang these up for festivals and voila! decor sorted. They also liven up and brighten up rooms, because more often than not, dupattas are bold, bright and fun!

5) As a Throw 

As much as I love all the pretty things, I can’t stitch! I can’t even thread a needle properly (please don’t tell my Craft teacher) Using a dupatta as a throw is one of the simplest things to do, without spending a penny more. Have a warm shawl like dupatta? Throw it on that cream couch and toast up your feet while watching a movie.

6) As Cushion Covers

If you’re not a ‘throw on the couch’ kind of person, take your dupatta to the local furnishing fellow. He’ll make pretty cushion covers and you can brighten up the living room using this. Add embellishments like laces and buttons if you’re feeling extra creative.

7) As a Turban

What can i say, it’s IN! I see girls wearing turbans everyday! Or if you’re not one of those girls, make a turban for your brother/husband/father.

8) As a Tapestry or a Table mat/ Runner

Frame it! Just frame the gorgeous piece of fabric and hang it over a plain wall for everyone to drool over. Or else just use it in your dining area to bring a touch of India to your daily meals.

There you are. 8 uses for your dupattas! Apart from this, you can also use the dupatta for the BEST use ever. Cover your face while riding a bike! You Indian girls, you know what I am talking about, don’t ya? Anyway click pictures (not the covered face ones) and post them on the app. We love your fancy pictures. 

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