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The seasons have changed, the weather is getting colder and bringing with it the festive New Year cheer. If you are anything like us, you are now bringing out the gorgeous winter layers but struggling to put them back in your closet. So set aside some time this week and let’s get on with the A to Z to closet cleaning.

A: Action

It’s so important to get into that action mode! Listen to some good music, brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee and watch a few closet cleaning videos to get into the mood. Once you’re in the mood to clean, act immediately. Pull out stuff from your closet and start off.

B: Blouses

We have so many of them, but some are not suitable for the weather. So store away the blouses you can’t wear now and hang up the rest. Sell the ones you have gently used and earn some cash!

C: Changes for Seasons

Not just clothes but your entire closet needs a change according to seasons. So get those pretty scarves out front and the booties back in place. Keep your gloves or muffs near you and whatever else you need handy. If you need more space to hang up your jackets, shift your shelves or readjust them. So change everything according to the season and you will really feel very happy to see your closet then.

D: Dresses

A couple of them for Christmas and New Years parties are a must!

E: Ethnic Wear

With Diwali and Navratri done, a lot of ethnic clothes must be out. Get it all clean and store it away well. In case you don’t plan to repeat any outfit; sell it off on EthnicThread to earn some quick cash. A small tip: to store heavy outfits with embroidery on them, don’t use plastic bags. Instead wrap them in old dupattas or pillow cases and store them. This protects them and also stops the embroidery from changing its colour.

F: Fashion Sense

Overtime you do a closet cleanse, revaluate your fashion sense. We all are constantly changing, our taste changing and more often than that – our body type. So if you’ve lost some weight (lucky you!!) re evaluate what you want to wear, or if you have gained then the same. If you are working at a new work place where you need to be dressed in formals or you have a uniform. Take all this into consideration and then clean your closet.

G: Go for a small break

Cleaning your closet is a heavy task, like literally heavy machinery kind of a task. Not that I want to deter you, but take a small break. Speak to your best friend, or listen to some nice music. Look out of the window and just take a few minutes to relax before you fall into the task back again.

H: Hang ’em up

Hang all those lovely jackets and blouses, but not your woollens. Hanging woollens kills them ( haha I am funny). Get some good quality hangers and use them to make sure you can see your entire collection of dresses and shirts at one go.

I: Instant Access

There are some things I want quick access to. Like my favourite socks, or a scarf to snuggle into. Maybe a yoga pant or whatever else it could be for you. Get instant access to these items by placing them in an area that you can reach into at anytime.

J: Just Try it on

If you are unsure of any outfit, just try it on. I know it will take longer, but it will help you to see how exactly you look and judge whether you want the outfit or not.

K & L: Keep it or Let it Go

To further ahead what J stands for, K and L stand for Keep it or Let it Go. If you try on an outfit – make a decision. Whether you will keep it or let it go. Keep it only if it looks good, makes you feel good and comfortable. Let it go if you plan to keep it only to wear it once you lose weight or you have a makeover or something.

M: Mens Wear

Men, the same rules apply to you as well.

N: Neat and Clean

While you are at it, keep things neat and clean. Fold the clothes neatly and clean and wipe down your closet and scary some fresher in it. Light a candle (if you have a large walk in closet. If not, this is a disaster I trust you to be careful!!!) Clean out the clutter like old tags, I know I cut them off and then they are in my closet until I clean it out!

O: Outfits Paired well

Now that you have all your clothes out, pair up and make a few outfits and take pictures. It helps on days when you feel too lazy to put together any outfit. And this does happen to me: I forget about some stuff I own like maybe a belt or a top and just so that you don’t forget about things it helps to put together a few outfits and have them on your phone.

P: Pile up

Make separate piles of clothes that you wish to donate, you wish to sell and you wish to throw off. Don’t mix these. Pile up the accessories together as well.

Q: Quick Look

For a quick look like we earlier mentioned, keep all these pictures together on the EthnicThread app under My Style. Who knows maybe you’re a stylist in the making!

R: Ruthless Clearance

Your frame of mind needs to be a bit ruthless during a cleanout. You need to make sure that you aren’t hanging on to things just for silly reasons and instead clearing it all away well.


Sell, sell, sell. Sell your gently used clothes and accessories on EthnicThread to earn some cash. Why throw away an outfit which is in perfectly good condition, but only you don’t wish to wear again? Instead sell it so that someone else might reuse it and you get some money in hand.

T: Tailoring

There may be a couple of outfits that are perfect exact maybe a button missing or that its slightly too loose. Pike up such clothes and take them to a tailor for alterations and then they are good to use again!

U: Unmentionables

We have them by hoards and yet use only a few comfortable ones. Throw¬†away the ones that don’t fit well or that are wearing off.

V: Versatile

Keep an eye out for the colours that you are putting back in your closet and the styles. Keep it versatile so that it doesn’t look like you have the same 4 pairs of clothes!

W: Wear it well

Dry clean your clothes, and get them steam pressed. Wear your clothes well, and keep them in good shape to look awesome.

X: Xpert

Well ok, we know that starts with an E, but by now, you are an expert in cleaning your closet and organising it.

Y: You got it!

By the time you put everything back in the closet, your closet will look brand new and amazing. That feeling is the best feeling we can surely tell you!

Z: zzz

Catch up on some sleep now that you have managed to clean out everything so well.

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