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These days we hear about so many people stopping buying new clothes for a whole three months or even a year! While, it’s a difficult concept for me to grasp, it’s definitely something I can think about because let’s face it; my closet is expanding but my house isn’t!

As a kid, I remember gladly waiting for my sisters to pass on their clothes to me. Not because I didn’t buy new clothes, but there’s something so magical about wearing your sister’s dress. She is someone you admire and love to emulate; and then you wear her clothes and it’s just so cool!

So for the next year, here’s a new thought. Try and swap clothes. You have a global closet. If you wish to monetize it, you can even rent out your own outfits and earn back some money. You can also decide if it works for you, to sell off some outfits before you can buy new ones. So implement the one in one out rule for yourself. And it’s so easy with EthnicThread. Having the EthnicThread app on your phone is like having your best shopping app with you. All you need to do is post pictures and sell, rent or exchange your outfits and accessories! Give it a shot next year :)

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