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How many of us own more shoes than we care to count? Well, the reason that there are so many shoes is because you know – they are 2! So obviously, they are double the number! After having a small argument about how I have shoes lying in each room of the house, I decided to tackle the issue myself and I must say that my house is definitely looking better, and my shoes are easily accessible too.

My biggest concern was always the fact that when I don’t see something, I forget about it and don’t use it. So I definitely wanted to know which shoes I owned and wanted to remember them.

A great solution that i have come up with is: I have listed ALL of my shoes on EthnicThread under My Style. So next time I need to remember what I own, I just scroll through my app, and figure out what to wear. Second thing I did was I grouped all my shoes by type. Flats, formals, party wear and flip flops. Next I arranged them in well ventilated places. Here are some DIY Shoe Storage ideas that you can pick:

1. My top place: Under the bed.



I loved doing this. All I did was store my flats in drawers under my bed. This way, I can just pull them out and see them at a glance. They also remain clean. A little tip: if you stay in a humid area, try adding a couple of those silica pouches to the drawer. (You know the ones in bags and purses – which say “Do not eat”) this will keep the area dry and your patent shoes won’t start peeling.

2. In a shoe organiser over a door.



I added this to my dressing room door, and stored my formal shoes there, so that I can just pick out a shoe that matches my work wear. It’s super simple to do, especially as the organizer has transparent pockets.

3. Flip Flop Hangers



Another epic find – I used old hangers that you get with tops, and used a set of pliers (pakkad in hindi!) to turn them the other way. No way are mine looking so artistic, but since they are at the bottom of a shoe cupboard, the job is done.

4. A Shoe Bench




Perfect to store the ‘early morning rush shoes.’ Your daily wear office shoes, your kids’ shoes and even gym shoes fit in this perfectly. They remain ventilated, and easily accessible!

5. Shoe Couch



My Personal Favourite! Since I didn’t have a storage couch so large, I simply used my dressing table pouffe to store some super expensive shoes. They fit in well, and will store well too in such a nice dark place!

A few more shoe care tips:

  1. Don’t store your shoes any place where they will be hit with direct sunlight.
  2. Neither should you store them in a wet place.
  3. Once you wear your shoes, let the sit outside for a day before putting them back in place, especially if its a pouffe or a under bed storage place.
  4. Clean and use a leather nourish for your leather shoes before you put them away.
  5. Try using shoes bags as this keeps the shoes cleaner.
  6. Use pool noodles or stuff boots with newspaper to retain shape.
  7. Try sprinkling a bit of talcum powder (very little, not like you should slip inside your own shoe) or baking soda inside gym shoes to avoid smelly shoes. Also get rid of the powder before wearing them.
  8. You can also lay a dryer sheet in each shoe, just to have a nice smelling, clean pair of shoes to slip in to. But don’t leave the dryer sheets in your shoes for days on end.

These are some of our best shoe tips! Have any you would like to share?

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