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There’s every chance that you haven’t worn half of your closet in the last 6 months. We have all been there  -there’s a full closet, but nothing to wear, there’s stuff literally hanging out, but somethings don’t fit, somethings don’t feel good etc etc. And these clothes are so pretty, you don’t want to give them off  – because:

a) you want to wear it again

b) you paid so much for it! How can you just give it off!!!!

Enter EthnicThread! We assuage guilt. Remember that crazy expensive saree you got for Eid last year? And you haven’t ever worn it again, but you can’t wear it because everyone’s seen it!!! We understand that feeling completely. And that’s why to make the most cash from your closet – we bring you EthnicThread.

Picture this: You are sitting at home, relaxing. And you get a message saying your saree is SOLD! For the price you mentioned. And the ENTIRE sale money is yours. EthnicThread doesn’t charge you any commission or fee. We are completely free. And all you do is post a selfie or a clear picture of the item you wish to sell. Now you can easily shop more using this guilt free money.


Isn’t it easy to make money online? You don’t need to sit for hours, it’s just as easy as clicking a selfie. When you sell used Indian saree on EthnicThread – you can go shop some more! And if you don’t wish to sell – you can even just rent it out. Renting Indian clothes is a great option because you don’t need to necessarily fill up your closet. Just rent it for a day or a week and you are sorted. Plus, the idea of having something new to wear every time isn’t too bad either.

That’s why we say – those are not truckloads of clothes in your closet. That’s bucketloads of cash! Swap, rent and sell Indian clothes to make a sweet profit! And then shop some more – guilt free.





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