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What better way to to beat the Mun-day blues that to talk about clothes? Especially Sarees – the quintessential Indian dress that grabs eyeballs ALL the time. I love sarees ok, but cannot drape them. Trust me I have tried everything, getting my mom to teach me, calling a parlour-wali, looking up youtube videos, I am hopeless. But that never deters me from wearing them! The only only grouch I have with sarees is, how do I store them. So I checked and re-checked with various saree vendors and designers and here is a ready checklist of how to store your precious silks

  • NEVER NEVER fold up a saree as soon as you un-drape it. The moment you un-drape the saree, leave it loose for a while. Then hang it out and air it. Hang it under the sun if possible for a little while.
  • Don’t keep dry cleaning your sarees all the time. I know I am guilty of this one. And the reason I do it is because the cleaners pack the saree so well (something I have never achieved) that storing it is simpler. Which brings me to-
  • Don’t store sarees in the dry cleaners’ packages! Well yes I used to make that mistake a lot! I never opened out my saree from the plastic packaging because I thought that it was the best way to store it and also to keep the fabric safe from other snaggy fabrics. Boy was I wrong! The chemicals in the plastic slowly disintegrate on your saree messing up with its colors and embroidery. Now the moment I pick up my sarees back from the cleaners, I tear off the plastic (pats herself on the back)
  • The best way to keep your saree is to store it in a muslin / cotton cloth. Think of an old bed-sheet you don’t use. But personally, I like to keep my saree and its blouse and the petticoat together. And then, its too large a package to stack one of top of the other, so I store one whole set into a pillowcase. Not only is it cheap, its also very convenient to just pull out one pillowcase and have your whole set ready in front of you. (An ever organized cousin of mine co-ordinates her pillow cases color with the saree color, but honestly though its an awesome idea, I don’t see myself traipsing around looking for various colored pillow cases!)


saree folder

  • These days, all markets are stocked with pretty looking saree covers. If you want something more fancy, you can buy these and stock up your sarees in them.
  • Most sarees need to be dry cleaned or petrol washed (i knowwww – sounds weird isn’t it? I used to picture the cleaners going to a petrol pump and dousing my sarees with petrol, but no I am sure it isn’t that! And no, the saree doesn’t smell weird once you get it back)
  • To keep your zari and golden borders from turning black, keep a small potli of ajwain (carom seeds) in the packet where your saree is. And don’t spray perfume on your saree zari.
  • After a couple of months, unfold your silk and Georgette sarees and re-fold them but not on the same folds. A folded silk saree will start tearing off at the places the folds are.
  • Last but not the least looove your sarees. All women regardless of their size, look stunning in sarees. this is the one outfit that definitely flatters all body types.

So what are you waiting for? Wear a saree soon and upload your pictures to the Ethnic Thread app. The best pictures will get featured on our Facebook page!.

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