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Welcome to my side of the world….a world where I am always wondering what happened to my money? In fact you could say…

But over the last couple of years, I have really managed to keep my spendings in check, and control my finances. Does that mean I don’t shop anymore? No! I do shop, but just wisely (or just about a wise as I can get), and use a few tricks to save. So let me share a few tips with you, as to how you can shop but not break your bank.

1) Clean your closet: Lol, I am not being your mom, but cleaning your closet will help you in a number of ways. First, you won’t end up buying duplicates. Or triplicates. I was definitely not the girl who owned 8 pairs of black tights, no Sir, I was not that girl! The best deal is that you find a lot of clothes that are unused (with tags on them too). They might be the clothes that you felt didn’t suit you, or maybe weren’t your size. Make a pile of these clothes and use an app like EthnicThread to sell them. Once they are uploaded on the app, they are globally visible! ¬†You can personally connect with the other users and bam! They are SOLD! Now with this extra cash you have on hand, you can shop guilt free. See, cleaning your closet = guilt free shopping!

2) Buy Quality over Quantity: We have been there! That cute (but flimsy) top you know won’t be able to withstand washing. Or the extra delicate handbag that will break under the weight of a tissue paper. Those things might look pretty, but they won’t last long at all. One of the main things to remember is that quality goods might be slightly more expensive, but you are doing yourself a favour by buying them.

3) Buy your current size: On a new diet that promises a weight loss of 10 lbs. per month? Don’t buy new clothes considering that you have lost all the weight. One of my friend’s closet has a large shelf filled with clothes of various target sizes. It makes no sense to invest money in something that may not ever fit you!

4) Use Apps: You can use many apps for shopping. Online shopping is definitely cheaper than actual retail shopping. Use various apps to compare the prices between different stores. Use an app like EthnicThread to check whether a particular outfit you might need, is available on the app. Many a times, there’s an outfit you need for one particular day. It makes a lot of sense to buy it over EthnicThread, because it will be reasonably priced, and secondly it will be in great condition. You can also check if it’s for rent and save money there!

So these are a few tips to shop without breaking your bank. What are yours?

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