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Now that a major chunk of the festive season is done, you can see all those gorgeous outfits balled up in your closets. A lot of weddings are still to follow and then there’s of course Christmas and New Years. But before we go and buy some pretty outfits for Christmas and New Years, let’s see how to sell your navratri outfits so that you have space and cash in hand!

A lot of our heavy stylish ethnic clothing remains unused after one or two wears. No one wants to repeat outfits that everyone’s seen and the pictures are on Facebook! So what to do with these gorgeous clothes now? The answer is simple, post them for a sale on EthnicThread.

You must have definitely clicked selfies wearing these gorgeous outfits. All you need to do is upload these pictures on EthnicThread and price them well. To know how to price your items correctly and make a successful sale, read this article here.

As always the solution is simple. To stop your closet from being crazily cluttered with outfits you hardly plan on repeating; just sell them on EthnicThread and use the money to buy new outfits for some other do.


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