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EID 2016

There’s something about a saree that flatters absolutely every one. Whether you are petite or tall, or dusky or fair; a saree will bring out the best features in you. And so it’s not a big surprise that most of us desi girls tend to turn to a saree when there’s a special occasion when we need to look our best.

Eid is in July, and what better way to treat yourself than to wear a lovely saree with complimenting accessories. Here’s a few saree-spiration for you girls out there.

EID 2016


Florals are very ‘in’ these days and so you can see that most of our featured sarees are either floral or have a floral blouse. there’s something about flowers that really brings out the charm of a woman, I must say. Deck yourselves up in these beautiful sarees. More sarees and floral ones too are listed on the app. Check them out now!

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