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Want to know a slimming secret? Wear a saree! This long piece of fabric, has the potential to make you look slim as hell, sexy as hell, and keep you cool as well. So here’s a basic guide for sarees, what fabric to choose, when to wear etc.

1. Choose the fabric keeping the season in mind. For winters dig out the silks and heavier materials. In case you still want to go with a net kid of a fabric, choose a jacket style blouse. It’s all the rage now a days, and will also keep you nicely protected and warm.

2-indian-winter-sarees-collection-for-girls-2014-15-16 SareeCoat

2. The jacket style blouse needs a saree with a simpler print. Try not to have the whole world and their mom on your saree and wear a jacket, looks like you fell off from Venus!


3. offwhite-and-red-summer-silk-printed-saree-6ad

For the summery months, you can use any fabric you wish. Light breezy gerogette, nets, maheshwaris and the Indian weaves they all look extremely elegant in summers. In case you wear a heavier fabric in summers, make a light blouse. Cape blouses are also very in this season, so you can opt for those.

4. 12390376_f520

Never wear the saree too tight or too low. It’s not the 1960s and we are not Mumtaz. It looks very unclassy to see a low waist saree! It looks like you were about to wear a bikini, but accidently wore a saree. Look at Bipasha Basu for the demo.

5. ddfa53a2801b1d85477f6ef6b106cf7bmaxresdefault (4)

Safety pin is to saree what butter is to bread. You need a whole lot of safety pins. Get them in all shapes, sizes and colours and they will keep your saree fixed in place. You get gorgeous pins these days which can look brilliant when paired with  saree.

6. If you plan to wear heels, first wear your heels and then drape your saree. This is a really crucial step because otherwise the saree seems to look like its floating in the air. And pulling on the saree to get it to the desired length will only make the saree loose. And make it fall off. No it didn’t happen to any one of us, just saying.

7. Heavy-Jewelry

You need to style your look carefully. Too much jewellery, plus a heavy saree and some gajras added to the mix, and you will definitely look anything but elegant. Wear a statement piece of jewellery and let the saree speak for itself.

8. 272399cc4b4431e6caea36cd0196a445

There are various drapes for a saree. It might feel wonderful in theory to wear a gujrathi drape. But Gujrathi drapes look beautiful when the pallu of the saree is really heavy and the rest of the saree is relatively simpler. Similarly, a Bengali drape looks gorgeous when there’s a beautiful long border that you wish to show off. So try and style the drape according to the saree you are planning to wear.

9. Choose the petticoat or the underskirt wisely. You might be tempted to resuse an old one just because it’s a similar shade. But the whole look of a saree can change with the petticoat so make sure to get a matching, well fitted one.

10. Bags. Beautiful dainty potlis and clutches look gorgeous with sarees. Please refrain from carrying large purses, hobo bags, and carry-all shoppers!

Here are a few gorgeous sarees on EthnicThread. Get them in your closet soon and show us how you styled them!

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