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It’s 3 days to go for the new year, and like always we find ourselves ┬ámaking the same old resolutions. Losing weight, saving money, staying fit, eating better – they all are great. But let’s look at another winner – saving money and loving your closet. So here’s a resolution for 2017: LOVE THY CLOSET. How you say? Simple.

1. Open your closet and look at it. Like really look. And make a note of what is missing. What is that one (or two or three or ten) item that is missing? Like while dressing up, do you ever wish, oh I wish I had ‘this’ thing. Maybe you don’t have the perfect skinny jeans. Or the perfect scarf. Or even some perfect underwear. Make a note of these items that you wish you had. Those are the ones to buy when you go shopping.

2. Clean your closet. That goes without saying, you really need to clean your closet and sell the stuff you don’t require or use. When you see some good amount of empty space is when you realise that closets are actually fun!

3. We have a tip. There are some clothes or accessories we don’t give away/sell for sentimental reasons. Like a top you got from your very first salary. Or a bag your boyfriend gifted you when you first started dating. Really that’s very nice, but these things do take up space. Pack them up and store them away. Don’t hoard your closet space by keeping these items there.

4. Buy quality. Buy handmade, buy real good stuff. I totally get the ‘let me buy this, even though I have no clue when to use it, i just need to shop,’ wala feeling. We all get it right? I buy things I have NO use for until I see them and then I have to have them. Like I won’t survive without this item, I didn’t even know existed until 10 minutes ago. I have made this rule for myself, that I won’t buy it immediately. If I still want it after say 3 days, then I will get it; but not that very moment. Impulse buys make me feel extremely guilty later.

5. Buy stuff you know looks great on you. We all are guilty of buying peplum because its ‘in’ or buying boot cut wide enough to sweep a few streets. But in 2017, let’s buy more of what suits us, rather than whats just ‘in’.

6. Sell, donate or rent it out. That should be our new slogan. Sell the gently used clothes from your closet. Rent the really heavy things so that you can make some money from your designer things, and donate what you don’t need. It will really help you feel lighter.

7. Shine on! You are beautiful, forever and always. The extra weight, or maybe the lack of curves; the tanned skin or the non dimpled cheeks – they all are superb. Focus on smiling more, laughing more, and helping more. Shine through the crowds. 2017 is going to be amazing, so smile.

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