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Here’s all the hacks you need to know to keep feeling fresh for the whole day on Karva Chauth.

1. Try to finish off all your shopping in advance. It’s no great fun to shop when you are thirsty and hungry. Keep your outfit and accessories ready so that you are not tired on the big day.

2. Similarly, if you are fasting, get a make up artist home to try instead of traveling through traffic and getting hangry 😉 (hangry: hungry+angry). Find a beautician near you using the EthnicThread app. you can directly connect with her and call her at your convenience.

3. For the early morning Sargi, eat something that’s light and easy to digest; but filling as well. Almonds (soaked in water), dates, some pomegranate,  water melon are good examples of fruits that help you be filled up and also have a good amount of water content. Avoid eating samosas and kachoris or other fried and oily things.

4. During Sargi, a friend of mine also takes a paracetamol tablet to prevent head aches during the day! It’s not actually a bad idea to do so if you’re prone to head aches.

5. If you feel very hungry during the day, distract yourself. It’s a good idea to get together with a couple of friends who are fasting as well so that you all can chill together.

6. If you’re working on Karva Chauth, ask your friends to remind you that you won’t be eating today, and to help you out.

And finally, get some nice pampering and have great fun, because it’s just a day’s fast. And the gifts make it absolutely worth it!

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