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Want to wear a clothes right off a celebrity’s back? Just like everything you ever wanted, EthnicThread is happy to help you with this as well! We bring you, the very stylish, designer dresses worn by singer and actress Ketaki Mategaonkar.


Ketaki is a multi talented young girl, who has also been singing from the age of 3! Blessed with a beautiful voice, and a beauty to match, she has also stepped in to acting. She has received various awards, including the prestigious Filmfare Award (Marathi), YuvaGauravPuraskar and Mirchi Music Awards.

Ketaki has associated herself with EthnicThread, and agreed to auction off her dresses to her fans. Her fans, whohave always loved Ketaki’s looks are now in for a total treat.

We are so proud to have Ketaki as our very first celebrity who will auction her clothes. Watch out for her beautiful looks on EthnicThread really soon.

Starting bids are at Rs. 5000. Bid on your favourite outfit asap and help Ketaki support her charities!

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