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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t thought of any gift for the woman who’s practically created you, it’s time to refer to our guide and select one of these awesome gifts.

1. Handbag:


Your mom needs a nice handbag, and let’s face it, women can never have too many bags. Pick up a lovely, study bag, and your mom will love you.

2. Home Decor:

2 HOME DECOR              21 HOME DECOR

All moms love decoration and I am willing to bet your mom is the same. Gift her some nice home decor knick knacks that she will adore keeping around the house.

3. Clothes:
This is such a no brainer that I am not even going to post pictures. Gift your mum a lovely suit or a saree and you will be in her good books! Make sure to get something in the styles she adores. Barring that, you can always resell it on EthnicThread!

4. Organisational Tools:


Most mums love to organise and plan, and planners (though a little late) and books will be a good gift if your mommy has some sort of planning OCD.
5. Watch:
A lovely watch that will be used forever is a wonderful idea. Just make sure you are not late everytime, as your mom will probably be checking the time in your new gift!
6. Perfume:
6 perfume
This one is another no brainer. You probably know your mom’s favourite fragrance so just get that one to be safe.
7. Hobby Gifts:
7 reading
Could be anything right from a kindle, to water colours, to gardening tools. You know your mom’s hobby, so just get a lovely gift that she can use while she indulges in some down time.
8. Kitchen Gadgets:
8 kitchen tools
If your mom is a gadget lover, you could get her some kitchen tools like mixers, or something. This gift has a dual purpose: you’re going to be well fed every time she uses this gift.
9. Surprise Tickets:
9 surprise tickets
Gift your mom two tickets to a concert she wants to see, or maybe a movie she’s been wanting to watch. if you are feeling a bit richer, you could probably also plan a small getaway for her and your dad. Or maybe a girls getaway for her, with her friends. The options are endless. And your mom will absolutely love this gift!
10. Gift Card:
If all of these ideas don’t seem to click for you then just gift her a gift card. Simple and she will get something she likes.
11. Charity Donation / involvement:
Donate some money and time together at an old age home, or a children’s home. It’s lovely to see smiles on innocent faces, and after all bringing smiles to others is what all days are celebrated for. Make an old woman happy just giving her flowers, or a small kid happy by reading to them. You mom will be proud of you!

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