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Swastica Swapn is quite famous among young Indian girls. Her style quotient, her style posts, her tips and tricks are all on point. She slays with every look ,and all the girls love to emulate her. At EthnicThread we have been super happy to have associated with her, and had her as a trendsetter. You can check out her looks, and her style book on the app.

So, let’s talk to her:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a computer engineer who loves writing about fashion, food and travel. I was born and brought up in Mumbai and I’m an only child to my parents. Sketching and writing have always been my plus point. Besides being an adventurous soul, I’m a dreamer and an optimist. I believe that everything happens for a reason and everything is going to work out just fine. On the bad side, I’m a little short tempered and and over analyzer. And I surely can’t live without coffee, wifi and pizza.


2. How did you decide to venture into blogging and styling? What is APOSS all about

It was basically during a maths lecture during my engineering when I came across this trend of people blogging about fashion and food. I have always had a knack for having a voice, writing, photography and fashion, and blogging was one hobby which served all these purposes at once. Starting my blog actually helped me discover myself and my goals in life. APOSS stands for A Part Of Swastica Swapn which is what it exactly is. It is a huge part of me, of what I think and what I see and I want my blog to help people in their day to day life, with their perspective of life to what style is. It started off as just a fashion blog but now we are expanding it to lifestyle, food and travel to connect with our readers on a larger and more realistic scale.


3. What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love reading books, learning about new things and fields such as astrology and palmistry, trying new cuisines, shopping (of course) and having a good laugh watching rom-coms. Although my favourite thing is sleeping and I can sleep 24/7.


4. What were the challenges you faced in your blogging career and how did you overcome them / How tough was it to be an engineer who is into fashion blogging?

So, engineering as we all know is a very dense field to pursue. I have never been a good student who attends all the lectures, takes notes and studies everyday. So I invested most of my time in growing as a blogger and I could say I managed to get through engineering with not-so-bad marks. I succeeded in becoming a computer engineer with a higher second class. There’s just a lot of pressure when you’re pursuing engineering but a dedicated month of studying every semester is good enough to survive. Besides this, it was hard for my parents, relatives and friends to digest the fact that writing is what I wanted to pursue while and after graduating but I could say, God works in mysterious ways!


5. What would you advice new bloggers

The key to success is having a frank take on everything so that your readers know that they can trust you. Money shouldn’t make a blogger talk good about a brand. She/He should talk good about a brand only when they believe in it personally.


6. What’s your favourite ethnic outfit and how do you like to style it

I’m not much of an ethnic lover but my favourite would be a lucknowi white kurti worn on literally anything and everything, especially, blue ripped jeans and beige wedges. Classy, I would say.


7. What feature of EthnicThread excites you the most.

So, a lot of fashion apps have the selling and renting features but the feature that makes EthnicThread better is that of exchanging. That’s my favourite one. Different is good, you know?


8. Where do you plan on taking APOSS in the next few years, and how would APOSS and EthnicThread go together?

I see APOSS becoming a digital hub to read and gain knowledge about style, life, food and travel. Where to eat, what to do in a particular city and so on. Basically, I want it to be an digital magazine and expand as a brand in the next few years, on a huge scale. I see EthnicThread playing an important role in my ethnic posts on my blog. A collaboration to provide both our readers with the best ethnic advice and coverage possible.


9. Give some style guide to our users.

So we all know that fashion is all about comfort but sometimes, you should try getting out of your comfort zone and try new things. You might actually surprise yourself. And that is a great way to grow. So keep experimenting!


So guys…..that’s Swastica for you. When you read her blog you will realise that she is peppy, fun and just too good to read! Needless to say, at EthnicThread we love her!

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