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A day into 2017, and we have all made resolutions. Travel more, join a gym, spend less, stay healthy, blah and blahs. But what will make yo stick to these resolutions? Here’s what, will make you stick to every single one:

1. Stay Positive:
If you eat unhealthy one day, it’s fine. If you spend too much, don’t stress. Just stay positive and think about the greater picture. There’s 364 days more to go, so don’t berate yourself for anything. Staying and focusing on the positives will make things simpler for you.

2. Learn to say a NO:
Raise hands if you have ever done something you didn’t feel like because all your friends were doing it? I am sure all of us have. But this year say a NO. If you don’t feel like going somewhere or doing a certain job, say a no, and relax.

3. Slow Down:
Take a moment each time you are doing something and just slow down. I a guilty of rushing out of the house and forgetting something or the other. Instead, I have learnt to stop by the door and take a moment to mentally go though what I need a particular day, and to figure out whether I have it all. Slowing down will help you evaluate things better and make you stick to your resolutions better.

4. Sort and Organize:
If you need your life to feel good, you need to sort through your life and organize it. And this applies to everything. The people in your life, the work you do, the clothes in your closet and all other aspects as well.

5. Appreciate:
Appreciate, and be grateful. These two things just make you a better person, and will really help you feel good.

6. Spend some ‘ME’ time:
Nothing works better than loving your own self. Treat your self to something you love, and stay aloe for a bit. Read a book or just stare into space or do some yoga or meditation; but me time is something we all need to hold on to.

7. Have fun:
Resolutions are great if you follow the, but if by chance you can’t, it’s ok. there’s always the next year as well :) So have fun along the way.

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