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EthnicThread is about more than just fashion.
It’s an exclusive app for Women to connect and Fashion is just a start.

We know a modern woman is a busy warrior balancing work, home, studies and looking great!

Here are simple ideas to be successful on ET.

1. First things first.
   Life is about people first. Build your network.
  Connect/Follow with near by members.
Meet them and make it your own community.

2. Power of a Selfie. Simple. Click and Sell!



3. Ideas
We built the app with a vision. But we also know smart women like you have your own ideas.
Send us your ideas that will help you connect more personally with local fashionistas. We would love to help you anyway we can.
Party on us perhaps?..Sure!

Send your ideas to


4. And lastly, Let it go!
If you really really …really love it, perhaps its yours to keep forever.
If not, sell it at a deep discount. Once your brand establishes, we know for sure you will be able to charge a premium.
Think like a business.


Have fun these coming holidays!

PS: We would like to feature you, your talent or business on our blog. Send in your story.

Team @ EthnicThread
~ Connecting women world over with their fashion and talent and many more ways. ~






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