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Aren’t you all just loving Ketaki’s outfits? At ET HQ we can’t decide whether her outfits are prettier or her voice is! Such a beautiful girl inside out. And so here we bring to you, Ketaki live and unplugged. She has sweetly answered our queries and here they are just for you!

ET: We all know Ketaki, the actress, the singer, the fashionista. But tell us about Ketaki, the real girl.
KM: Ketaki is a very simple girl who loves to read, draw, watch do or study anything n everything about art.

ET: You have a wonderful sense of fashion, your ethnic looks are beautiful. Who is your inspiration?
KM: I think my inspiration comes from my mom, to me she’s perfection! (Ketaki’s mom Suvarna Mategaonkar is also an accomplished singer who has been her guide since the beginning)

ET: When you get dressed in the morning, what’s your first thought?
KM: First thought: if I look good,  I’ll feel good and then I can deliver good work. Everyday I say to myself that to is the most beautiful day of my life.

ET: What would you wear for the following:
a. A regular day
b. An awards event
c. A shoot
d. A beach vacation
KM: On just regular days you will find me wearing a tshirt and jeans or a dress.
Awards event: I try to attend minimum award functions as I’m a not a great fan of award functions. I tend to become shy. But whenever I do I wear something that’s new in style but still something that suits my personality.
A shoot: film costumes and a comfortable jeans and top while travelling to sets
A beach vacation: Beach vacation I experienced only once! In the US. In India I’ve never been on a beach. Its crazy..but It’s a fact.

ET: Share 3 style tips with your fans.
KM:  Some tips I would share are that always wear something that is
1) comfortable to you and the season you are in
2) wear what suits you n your age
3) carry it well and confidently
ET: What would you tell your fans who are excited to buy your looks on EthnicThread?
KM: I’m very happy! Ultimately the money generated will be used for a good reason for social cause. So somebody will get help and it is you who will be helping those girls out!

ET: What excites you most about the EthnicThread app?
KM: What excites me about the app is the concept of the app. We are all ultimate fashionistas in this world and we love to show our styles but its out our moral responsibility to save the wastage of the clothes and fabrics, design and fashion by sharing it, reusing or recycling or transform it into something trendy. I love the concept of responsible fashionista and that’s one of the major reasons of me collaborating with EthnicThread.

ET: What the most treasured outfit / thing in your closet?
KM: treasured outfit is : a sari my mom always wore and now she gave it to me.. I always love to wear her saris n jewellery.. we act like best buddies..haha


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