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Who wouldn’t like to look like a million bucks all the time? It’s easily possible if you follow these few tips. And no, these don’t include shopping at only high end places. You can have the smallest budget, yet look like you have just landed from Paris or Milan!

Use these simple tips to keep shining:


1. Steam / Press your clothes:

Thsteam-clothesis is a very very simple trick, but it really makes you look amazing. All models and beauty bloggers swear by this. a wrinkly outfit makes you feel frumpy. If you have clean, steamed clothes, they fit better, instantly enhancing your look.





2. Alter your clothes for a perfect fit:

download-17Really! Its not you, it’s the designers. Designers make these weird size clothes, which are generally sized. So what fits you perfect on your shoulders might be too loos on your bust / waist. Some sleevesless tops have arm holes large enough to put your head through them. some tops have a super low neckline – which just makes you pull it up all the time. Get the picture? All you need to do is alter them for a good finish. Find a alteration specialist near you on EthnicThread.



3. Get good basics:

download-18A good basic tee shirt, some great denims, can be styled so many ways. Stick to basics to look amazing always. get some great styling ideas, from our stylists on EthnicThread now!






4. Feel Fresh:


Get a good manicure/pedicure, have clean hair, well groomed brows and you will already feel great. Use a deo (self explanatory), perfume and just feel fresh. It elevates confidence.




5. Pay Attention to details:


Often a cheap outfit is cheap, because of it’s details. Like plastic buttons, or a tacky lace at the hem. Replace these, and your outfit instantly looks glammed up. Replace a tacky zip with a hidden one, or switch the plastic buttons for some metallic ones and instantly your outfit looks much better.



6. Accessories:

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Accessorize your outfits well. Wear a great chunky neckpiece with a plain shirt to glam up the shirt. Or pin a brooch to dress up a simple outfit. Accessorizing is a key to looking fab. You can buy a lot of great, modestly priced accessories on EthnicThread.






7. Smooth your Silhouette:

Wear a camisole, or no VPL panties and create a flawless finish for your dress. That makes it look good, rather then three colour straps showing off beneath your dress.

8. Hardware:


Whether it’s your dress or purse, or jacket; having metallic hardware instantly makes it look expensive. Just make sure that it’s all one colour.





9. Handbags:

To keep looking stylish, a big big tip is to carry a well structured handbag. A hobo is great, but just doesn’t look runway ready, if you get what I mean. A structured handbag, looks more high end leather and makes you look well put together.

10: Smile:

A beautiful smile on your face, makes you look more than a million bucks. And makes you feel good too! And guess what! You can even spread smiles using the EthnicThread app.

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