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Lazy being my middle name, I hate putting things back in storage nicely. It takes a bit of patience and love but once you store your lehenga well, it will really stay well. Especially if it’s your own wedding lehenga, it makes a lot of sense to store it properly and take good care of it.

1. Check to see if it needs any love:

Once you want to put your lehenga back in, check to see if it needs any help. Check if any embroidery is fraying, or there’s any loose seam or any alteration of that sort. If you feel that there is some area that needs help, then get it sorted immediately, before you store away your lehenga.

2. Dry Clean / Cleaning

Dry clean the lehenga if it needs, or else just steam it at home. That takes care of the delicate fabric, and cleans out the fabric. A professional dry clean is good, but make sure you give it at a reputed place where they know¬†what they are doing. Most often, the hem of the lehenga gets dirty because you will be walking around. Clean it off before storing or else these stains won’t go.

3. Fold it up

Fold your lehenga, properly wrapped up in a mulmul cloth or a soft cotton saree. The correct way to do this is to lay down your lehenga on a clean flat surface, then place the cloth/saree over it. Now start folding. This way, the fabric and the embroidery doesn’t get tangled up while folding and you won’t have any pulled threads on the lehenga. Always remember to keep your lehenga in a cloth and then put it away in plastic. Don’t directly store the lehenga in a plastic bag or folder as this will destroy the fabric.

4. Store it away

Now that its well folded, store it away in a clean dry place. Place it where there won’t be too much moisture. Alternatively, you can place a few of those silicon packets to absorb any moisture that could discolour your lehenga.

5. Air it

Remember to open up the lehenga and air it out a few times a year. Let it just sit in some sunshine and put it away nicely back. This will keep your lehenga looking fresh and beautiful.

6. Keep using it

While the whole outfit together looks really heavy to use for someone else’s function you can keep using the pieces separately. So use the dupatta wih a plain salwar kameez, or pair the blouse with a fun saree. That way you get the maximum usage of your gorgeous lehenga.


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