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Now that you are clear that you want to put your closet on a diet, here’s how to do it. First of all, take a deep breath and get motivated. Personally, I see a lot of clean closet pictures on google and pinterest to get motivated. Once you get into the groove, we take you to the next step: and our personal favourite: SHOPPING! Yes to clean your closet, go shopping. Shop for various organisers: a good purse organiser, an over the door organiser, maybe some drawers for your closet and a big bin or two in which you will sort your dirty laundry, and a smaller bin in which you can sort out the clothes to repair.

Here’s a handy list for shopping:

1) An over the door organizer

2) 1 or 2 large bin, one medium bin

3) Set of drawers (optional)

4) Felt lined hangers

5) Scarf organizer

6) Hanging purse organizer

7) Undergarments organizer

Once you are done shopping for this, come home and make yourself a mug of strong tea. Or coffee. We leave that to you, really! And then tackle the task. Before getting into the war zone, once again look at some great clean closet pictures to get into the correct frame of mind. Make sure you’re distraction free, no kids around, no TV, no whatsapp.

Now let’s tackle the task. Some people say that you need to take EVERYTHING out of the closet. Well, it might work for some and it might not. When I see that much stuff lying on the floor in front of me, I get overwhelmed and panic. So I go one shelf at a time. Remove the clothes, accessories, etc in that one area. Start sorting it all out.

1) Stuff that doesn’t fit (and will never fit) – if it is in great condition sell it on EthnicThread.

2) Stuff that’s broken – torn hems, unrepaired zippers, faded colour  – all the stuff that you meant to repair but haven’t done so in the past 6 months. If you didn’t do it then, chances are you won’t do it now. Keep it all in a large black bag and store it away. If you haven’t missed any of those clothes in the next 2 weeks, its time to say goodbye to them.

3) Stuff that’s superb, clean, fits perfectly and you love it. Chances are this pile is the smallest 😉

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