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The main wedding ceremony in India is a lively affair. There’s approximately a hundred people; some just there for food; some just there to look at the pretty girls; and some who are truly interested in the wedding and the bride and groom.

Another thing: you can never be overdressed for an Indian wedding. Ever!

Another thing: you can wear any colour you like. In fact you can even dress up like a rainbow! (Well not really, but you can wear a lot of colour and get away with it.)

Now that the things are done, let me jump and show you what you can wear. This applies to a main ceremony, whether its in a gurudwara or a temple; or a nikkah ceremony. Or any other ceremony that exists.

Here are some pretty outfit ideas:

1. Sarees:

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You can always search for a blouse maker on EthnicThread! Find a pretty saree, match it up with a lovely blouse and you will fit right in with the girls in the wedding. Accessorising for sarees is quite simple, let some chunky earrings and bangles do the talking.

2. Anarkalis:

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Anarkalis are the one outfit style that can camouflage whatever you have eaten in the past few days leading up to the wedding. The flowy silhouette and embellishments will make you feel and look like a million bucks.

3. Salwar / Pants with tops:

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The latest trend to catch up is these salwars which are actually cigarette pants. You can pair it up with a lovely top, and dazzle everyone at the wedding.

4. Lehengas:

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Lehengas are a great choice for a wedding. I mean where can you wear a huge skirt, with a lovely embroidered top and wear jewellery and still not be over dressed? A good plus about getting a lehengas is that you can also mix it up and make more outfits. We shall talk about that later, shall we? Another day, another post…..

All these outfits mentioned above, are easily averrable on the EthnicThread app. And if you feel uncomfortable about spending a bomb buying them, you can very well rent them; or re sell them on EthnicThread. That way you won’t be hoarding away precious closet space either.

So what will you wear for an Indian wedding? Coming up next, what to wear – footwear and jewellery at an Indian Wedding! Keep watching for more :)


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