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Indian Weddings generally start off on this note: the haldi ceremony. At a haldi / Pithi ceremony; the groom and the bride, at separate venues, are applied with a paste of turmeric, mixed with rose water, cream, and some more stuff. Don’t ask me what stuff; it’s this wonderful paste that’s supposed to magically make you glow before the wedding! It includes a lot of fun, laughter and song and dance on both the sides.

Now that you have a general idea: the main question – What to wear.

Wear something that you don’t mind getting a bit of turmeric on. Unless everyone is extremely careful and / or decide to wear aprons, it’s impossible to get away from the blast of the turmeric. Also, if you are single, expect someone to apply a tiny smear of the turmeric paste on your face. Eventually, when everyone is singing and dancing – a bit of the paste will find it’s way to your clothes so be prepared for that. That being said, you can’t turn up for the ceremony wearing a tattered t-shirt and yoga pants. The generic consensus of the community is to wear the colour yellow (though it’s not like an official dress code).  Me thinks people wear yellow so that the stains don’t show through 😉

So here are some clothes options:

1. A lovely long dress, paired with some ethnic earrings and a scarf.


2. Jeans with an ethnic looking kurti (tunic)


3. a long peasant skirt with a top


4. Salwar Kameez (the primary choice of most women who will attend this ceremony)

kurti-1448427942579-3 Designer-Gorgeous-Green-Pure-Georgette-Embroidered-Salwar-Kameez-Semi-Stitched-Suit-MJ-27874-1300x1800a

5. saree (slightly tough to carry and dance – but if you love it, then please wear it. Looks superb!) And for draping experts you just have to check out EthnicThread.


to buy such pretty outfits for a wedding function, just log on to EthnicThread, and we’ll connect you with all the fashionistas you ever need to know! If you have such outfits, that are in great condition but you want to still buy some new ones; make space in your closet by listing them on EthnicThread.

For saree draping, hair styling, make up and henna artists, you can find them on the app too.

Next up: Henna / mehendi files. What to wear to a henna party!

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