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Possible the most awaited for post for the wedding series is the jewellery post. Wearing some jewellery will enhance your Indian outfit perfectly. When accesssorising, remember that you don’t need to wear ALL the things. You can wear a lovely choker necklace and leave your ears bare. or just wear large earrings and bangles and don’t worry about wearing a neck piece. Just in case you wish to wear it ALL there’s nothing stopping you. Just like clothes – you can never be overdressed wearing Indian jewellery.

Earrings: Pair them with any Indian outfit and look gorgeous!

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Bangles: Dress your hands in these bangles.



Necklace: The main piece which will set off any outfit to perfection.

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To buy such lovely jewellery, check it out on EthnicThread app. We have many users and designers who specialise in such jewellery. You can also connect with designers who can specially cater to your outfits and design jewellery accordingly.

Happy accessorising!

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