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Happy Independence Day to India and Pakistan! Two siblings of the same mom, two sides of the same coin, two halves of the same jigsaw…..may you both be at peace.

Our histories are the same, our geographies similar, our food – totally same, and our Bollywood interest? Spot on! In fact a couple of years ago, when we visited the Wagah border, both posts were playing Salman Khan songs. Honestly, the crowd was confused which song to dance to.

EthnicThread wishes these two lovely countries a very Happy Independence Day. Let’s all click our pictures in ethnic desi colours, and upload the photos on the ET app! Let’s paint ET our country colours!

So log on to the EthnicThread app right away, and upload. Don’t have the app yet? Get it at the app store for free. Click¬† to download the app right away.

Instagram: ethnic.thread


Tag us on Instagram using #EthnicThread and #ETIndependenceDay. The best photos will be reposted!

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