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Bold prints, leopard flats, and bright clutches have been popping up all over my ET feed the past few days. Which led me to think, how to style these bold prints. Most girls I know shy away from bold prints, because

a) they say they look fat in it

b) they don’t know how to style it.

Now let me tell you that, looking fat in bold prints is just a myth. If you style it well, bold prints can in fact ¬†make you look slimmer! So let’s jump right in.

Tip #1:

Go slow. If you want to wear leopard print stuff – don’t go overboard. Don’t wear leopard dress with bright heels and dark make up. Instead – let one thing do the talking. So opt for something basic leopard print flats. This is a really easy way to incorporate something bright, bold and fun – but not let it overwhelm you. You could buy a clutch or flats and just let that do all the talking. Keep the rest of your outfit pretty neutral. Here’s a few examples of what I am saying:

Leopard-Print-Ballerina-Flats-Outfit-Combination 488c1f565f07570704cf726ea6acdcfe


Tip #2 :

Focus. Let the focus be on one thing. And let that one thing have a slight reflection if you like.


In the first picture: you can see how the girl has worn a pair of floral pants. Her shirt is neutral but the chunky necklace is reflecting the bold print she is wearing. In the second picture, the bright skirt is the only thing that is rocking. The rest of her is pretty basic and that makes her look super elegant. In the last photo, the girl wears a basic outfit – white button down shirt with jeans – but pairs a leopard print flat with a purse that has a slight leopard print panel.


Tip #3

Smile! these two outfits look so gorgeous, and you can do this too. Keep smiling and you will rock any outfit!

Neon_Pink_Blazer_Outfit (1) 99161fac895421673e043a3921505503

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