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When you read the papers with your morning coffee, especially those tabloid kinds, do you notice how many celebrities are clicked at the airport? And it’s like these celebrities have a ‘uniform’ for travel. skinny jeans, simple drap-ey top, and blazers. Oh and the oversized glares. Which they even wear at night, which make them more conspicuous than anonymous, and which they also wear to hide dark circles. Just saying!

But honestly speaking, blazers are a great way to add more layers to your outfit, and a way of power dressing that really says that ‘you’re serious about work.’ Blazers are a also a good addition to your closet, because people will take you m ore seriously when you’re well put together. So here’s a couple of ways to rock blazers this fall!

1) With coloured pants: 

Coloured pans belong to spring and summer I know, but this transitioning with blazers, make them look so good for autumn too. When combining blazers with coloured pants, just make sure that the blazer and your top are a muted colour, since the pants are eye catching. Same for accessories: make sure that your bag and shoes, are natural/nude or pastels to avoid looking like a disaster.

2) With Skinny jeans

Super elegant, and very Parisian chic pair your blazer with skinny jeans, and a button down shirt. It looks elegant, and beautiful. Pumps and a purse will complete your outfit. Notice in the above picture how the neutral and simple colours create a very timeless and appealing look.

3) As a set top:

The ripped jeans, take it away from being a formal look, but this could definitely work for Fridays or for a brunch meeting. The top and blazer are a co-ordinated set, and the trimmings on the blazer make it look elegant. Well matched accessories and an oversized clutch will make you look absolutely perfect.

4) The airport look

A shorter blazer, which can even be paired with boyfriend jeans, and not to forget the oversized glares. A large tote bag, and you’re set to be mistaken for a celebrity.

5) The overized Blazer:

A smart oversized blazer can liven up an outfit with a pop of colour. And also, it will hide any flaws very well. Best worn after holiday indulgence!

So these are five ways to style your blazers this fall. What’s your favourite?

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