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Ever since I was little, I have had these favourite clothes I can’t do without. It’s crazy really how much emotional attachment is there with these clothes. I would wash and re-wash and wear the clothes again and again and then when they fell apart, I literally cried. Little did I know that there were super amazing hacks to keep my clothes great forever! Here’s how you can fix your clothes and love them forever and ever.

1. Bleached Clothes:
It happens to most of us……some bleach falls on a coloured shirt or jeans and they are sparkling white! Mind you, the white clothes also won’t look as white as these bleached coloured clothes do. But here’s what you can do. The first and the simplest thing is (don’t laugh please) use a permanent marker. Works best when you have bleached a black outfit, because it matches best. But if you have something that matches colours with permanent markers, don’t hesitate to use it!
The other option is to get that whole thing dyed. You might be able to dye it the same colour, if not, a different darker colour is given to the piece of clothing.
2. Stained Clothes: We can get almost any stain out using some Oxy bleach (which won’t cause the above and bleach your clothes) but if it’s not working or if you have no access to Oxy Bleaches; try using this handy guide to get most stains out. Quick Tip: If you spill oil, grab some talcum powder and absorb the oil before doing anything! And if you’re wearing black, you will need to change clothes before stepping out.
3. Small holes / Tears:
Most of these could be darned. In India, all laundries have a darner or we have our local ‘masterjees’ who darn our denims, shirts / kurtis whatever! If you don’t have access to a darner, or someone who could help: do this. Buy a complementing appliqué and stitch it on the hole. Sort of like patchwork. It looks very cute, and adds a touch of individuality to the whole outfit.
3. Too tight / Short clothes:
Let’s not talk about why clothes get tight most of the times, but sometimes they shrink. Miraculously they shrink even if you are eating all the right things! No but seriously, certain fabrics do shrink after washes and clothes getting shorter are issues that a mom always faces. You can see the gently used pre loved clothes on EthnicThread, but for a beloved jacket or dress that you don’t wish to give away there’s this hack. It could work well for those cute tops that you never find in your size too. Just buy it and then do this! Apply lace. Use lace very smartly to cover up when a dress is too short. Or even too tight!
See! What an easy fix….it works wonders on kids clothes too.
So these were some easy fixes for our wonderful readers…..ask us questions to know more about easy fixes or if you have a particular issue!

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