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The other day I decided to clean my closet and realised that once I go on a clothes buying spree, I mostly end up buying similar colors. So I’ll have ┬ábunch of tops in black, and then suddenly this huge pile in whites, and then a larger mound of pinks, and so on. I can literally point out and say, “oh, those are the clothes I bought I one shopping trip, and those are the ones I got next, etc.” Weird, I know, but maybe buying a particular color has to do something with my frame of mind?

So I quickly abandoned my cleaning task, and decided to put together a couple of outfits by mix-matching my current shade card of clothes! And I came up with so many great ideas, using one or more pieces as a ‘colored’ accent to the rest of my outfit. So here’s how you can comb through your wardrobe and do the same.

1) By carrying a bag which adds color to your outfit:

One of the easiest ways to add color to your simple outfits, is to carry a bright bag. Especially good for beginners, if you feel too conscious doing the whole ‘bright color thing’ you can leave the bag in your car / desk.

2) By using a bright scarf:

Dual purpose: helps you stay warm, and makes you look nice….need we say more?

3) Using statement accessories:

Something as simple as your accessories can totally change up your looks.

4) By using one or more of the above combinations:

If you are confident and ready to step out using color as your new BFF, use some of these ideas.

And that’s how you can use a pop of color to your current existing wardrobe. Get a lot of tips and tricks like these by contacting image and fashion consultants on the EthnicThread app. You will be really surprised at how such small changes, spruce up your looks!

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