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What do you call a girl who is the Maharashtra Ties Shravan Queen 2016, who dances her way into every single contest and wins, and who sells her style on EthnicThread? A trendsetter of course. Meet Harshita Atre, a chic girl from Pune who is super multi talented!



1. Hi Harshita, tell us something about yourself.

Hi. As you know I am passionate about 3D s of industry that are Dance Drama and drawing… I follow what I love…. Right now dance is my passion but it will be my identity in future.

2.  What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion has a personal and different definition for every person. However, I would say that to me Personality Elegance signifies fashion.

3. Tell us a bit about your day to day life.

Actually, every single day is different from the others. I am balancing out college, and my dances and so busy with practices all the time but still trying to learn new things.

4. Why and how did you sign up for being a Trendsetter with EthnicThread

One of my friends recommended me for this so I decided to give it a shot. I decided to download the app and try it for yself. Once I got hooked on to the app, I found it very interesting which provoked me to do this. That’s how I became a trendsetter for EthnicThread.

5. What aspect about EthnicThread do you find very interesting

It’s like a friend in need, I can sell and buy stuff very easily. Whenever I need costumes for my dance shows, I always depend on this app. I know that I can connect with so any people across the globe and I can showcase my style to the world.

6. How would you describe EthnicThread in one word

It’s really tough to describe in one word, there are so many fascinating aspects to it. The main thing that stands out for me is the versatility of this app though. Whether you’re a student or a professional, a mom or a single woman – this app has something for everyone. I love to buy handmade items from the app, they are so unique and stylish. The talent section is also useful, I have found great costume designers as well there. That’s the best feature of this app!

7. You’re a dancer, a singer, a director – how do you manage to balance so many things?

It’s hard to manage the time, but since I love doing all this, I somehow balance it all out.

8. How would you describe your style?

I love trying out new things or I would say mix up two things or 2  styles but keeping it very classy and stylish.

9. Give some fashion tips to our users.

1. Try to combine fashion or styles may be palazo crop top n zumkas 😁
2. Add accessories it gives flavour to your personality
3. Whatever you wear carry yourself confidently

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