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With the length of India being 3214 Kms (1997 miles) (yes really, I checked) it’s obvious that we have a new festival, a new culture to celebrate every day. If the Indian government decided to declare a holiday for one festival per community that exists in India, I am pretty sure we would be working like 10 days a year or so. Or not even that maybe. It would be a sabbatical!

So after celebrating Lohri yesterday, today is the turn of Makar Sankranti & Pongal – celebrated in Maharashtra, Gujrat & Tamil Nadu respectively. It’s so amazing to be married inter culturally here, I have 2 back to back celebrations (Lohri & Makar Sankrant) and great fun dressing up!

Traditionally, Maharashtrian women wear Black sarees for Makar Sankrant, and give out yummy goodies called til gul and halwa. The greeting used is Til Gul ghya goad goad bola – which means that have this til gul and speak sweet words. People generally make up on this day and forgive and forget any misunderstandings etc.

Need some thing black to wear? We have it as usual…..

Another things that kids and even adults are interested in is flying kits. there’s many a friendly (and not so friendly) neighbourhood competition for kite flying. People fly some beautiful hand made kites, with all the planning that a military general would use to plot war fare. What can we say, festivals are taken quite seriously here!

Just a word of caution for all, please try and stay away from the kite thread and use cotton for flying your kites. Many birds are killed each year tangled in the kite ‘manja’ and that thread is sharp. So do your bit for the environment and save a life.

Happy Kite Flying!

Pongal is a four day harvest festival in Tamil Nadu, where people make sweets and distribute them to all! People dress up, throw feats and visit each other’s places to celebrate.



We wish you a Happy Makar Sankrant and Pongal!

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