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As a kid, the main thing I waited for during festivals was – my gifts. Some of the most festive times bring with it the most difficult question of all……What gift to give. Older and wiser now, I realised that a lot of time and effort goes into this gifting session. But to make things easier for you, here is our solution that you can easily use.

1. Food Hamper: One of the best things to give any and everyone is a food hamper. Add some lovely chocolates, image001a few cans of soft drinks, some exotic jams and dry fruits and you’re set. Try to not add in mithais or milk sweets, which spoil quite easily. Keeping some exotic teas, or coffee, olives, or some great cheese is a good way to amp up the quotient of this hamper. And if you’re wondering where to find them and who will wrap your purchases; don’t worry. We have some awesome trousseau and hamper artists on the app who will make things look as stylish as possible.




2. Luxury hamper: Everyone’s tired out during the festive season. So if you want to be everybody’s new favourite, you can put together a lovely luxury spa hamper. Just take a large basket and get it lined with some personalized towels. Next, add in some bath salts, scrubs, soaks and creams. You could also add a few cosmetics if you want to gift it to women. Get it packed by the EthnicThread artists and we think you will be loved this season!gti7533


3. Home décor: With homes newly painted, and cleaned; it’s a good time to gift some pretty home décor items. Find many quilled, crocheted and handmade items on the EthnicThread app and gift your loved ones something exquisite and unique.



4. Clothes: When nothing works, clothes will do the trick. And we have thousands listed. So go ahead and gift someone something bright, festive and beautiful.


5. Watches & Accessories: Bags, watches and other accessories – a woman can never have enough. We have some really dainty, pearl and kundan watches for sale on the app. These look very good with ethnic clothes and westerns alike. Get someone you love a gift like this and they will be really happy.


6. Jewelry: That’s what all women love anyway. Gift your sisters or close friends some pretty handmade jewelry and they will be floored!



7. Cash: A time tested answer to the gifting woe. Gifting cash is great, but why make it boring? Choose from many hand painted, quilled or decorated enveloped available on the EthnicThread app. Everyone will love it!

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