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A couple of months ago a friend and I were chatting, when she mentioned to me how her life has really gotten dull, and she doesn’t feel good. I kept wondering why she thought her life wasn’t going well, as far as anyone could see, she seemed happy. Later I realized why she felt that way, and the answer was simple. She had just stopped giving time for herself. She had just gotten promoted at work and with the long hours she put in at work, she wasn’t giving enough time to herself. The moment I pointed this out to her, she realized what she felt was primarily just a cosmetic concern, and the moment she dressed well, her confidence went up and she felt good.

When we feel good about us, life suddenly feels better. So how do you get gorgeous? Let’s face it, I am not talking about any kind of surgery here. The very first rule to getting gorgeous is to be happy the way you are. Sure you might have put on weight, or you are having a bad hair day, but at least you are fit enough to get up and go out, which makes you lucky! The minute you accept your body and have a positive body image, you will feel better. That does’t mean you don’t exercise or give up; it just means that you accept the process and the time it takes to achieve your perfect figure, but also love yourself right now.

The second and the most important rule is your clothes. You can wear designer clothes or just normal off the rack kind of clothes, but what matters is that they should fit and be clean. If there’s anything in your closet that you hang on to, just because you bought it, but you are not happy wearing it, it needs to go. Sell it to earn some money or just rent it out and keep earning some cash. This way when you look at it, you won’t feel guilty about not utilizing it ever. Use our closet cleaning checklist to figure out how to clean your closet. Once your closet is full of the things you love to wear and you feel good in, you will feel gorgeous every time you step out. Promise! Simply rent out or sell the cloths and accessories you decide you don’t want to wear on EthnicThread.



Next, get some regular spa treatments. Go for a facial, and pedicure / manicure every couple of days to ┬ákeep up your appearance. A haircut is necessary every few months to keep your hair healthy and nice. Paint your nails or get them done, just to feel good. It’s really not selfish to spend some time on yourself first. The main thing is to make yourself happy and positive things will automatically follow. Find a spa or a parlour near you just by a simple search on EthnicThread.


And lastly, keep working on your image. join a gym or do some aerobics if you feel like. Go for a simple walk and just relax. Moving out of the house and just walking around helps too. A little bit of exercise gives you an adrenaline rush that makes you feel happy and positive. If you need to find gyms or fitness instructors near you, look them up on EthnicThread. It’s your one stop app for the new you makeover!


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