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Friends Forever…..Shop Together

Excited much? We know we are very excited to kick off the contest season on EthnicThread. So what do you need to do to enter this contest? Just post your selfie! Yes, that’s all, just post a picture of you and your BFF dressed in ethnic clothes. And just like that, you can win a shopping spree worth Rs. 5000!!!

Follow these steps to win a Rs. 5000 shopping spree at the mall of your choice!

1) Dress up in pretty, ethnic clothes.

2) Click a photo with your BFF

3) Upload the image on our FB page – Ethnic Thread and/or on your Instagram

4) Tag us using #ETpals and #ETcontest

5) Most popular picture (the one with the most likes) wins!

6) Oooh! And you can double your likes by posting on the EthnicThread app. Get it here

We’ll consider entries until the 7th of August.  On the 8th of August, we’ll declare the winner!!!!! And then, you’ll get a shopping spree worth Rs. 5000 + a surprise gift. EthnicThread might just be your new best friend girls!

So what are you waiting for? Click, and upload and get ready to shop till you drop. All at our expense :)

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