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Hey lovely friends,
So, April is the month for Financial Literacy. What does that mean? Means that we need to get clued in to things like saving money, investing the saved money, and understanding things related to money!

Keeping that in mind, we at ET HQ have come up with a good money saving plan!


To begin with, let’s focus on where we women tend to spend the most? Clothes, accessories, and beauty. Those are the three areas where most of us spend tons! To help save money, here are a few ideas.
1) Allocate a budget to yourself. You could decide on an amount of money, you find suitable and spend it on these three things. If there’s some reason why you have to go overboard the given budget, the next month try and spend lesser on these things.
2) Resist impulse buys. Just strolling through the mall, you come across so many things you don’t actually need but just end up buying them. try and resist these buys.
3) Don’t buy something because ‘It’s so cheap,” or “it’s on SALE”
Yes we love sales, and yes you do get great deals during sales. But always check for quality rather than just picking things up because they are marked down. .
4) Buying things just because they are trendy. Certain things might be in trend but if it doesn’ suit you or if you feel uncomfortable, then just don’t spend on those things.
5) REPURPOSE! The magic want called EthnicThread. Repurpose your clothes. We have so many clothes that you wear once or twice, and then never repeat them. Sell or rent these on EthnicThread. You closet rod and your wallet will definitely thank you. Do the same with your gently used accessories. If you need a particular outfit, check on EthnicThread if it’s available. When you see a normal real person wearing a particular outfit, it feels better than a size 0 model showing it off. You will be able to style it better that way too.
So keep these tips in mind and sell, recycle and love your outfits! That’s the best #FinancialLiteracy

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